Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Exotic Thai Cuisine @ Good Evening Bangkok

Last Sunday, met up with my family at 1 Utama for dinner at a Thai place called Good Evening Bangkok. Sis treated the whole family as she recently got promoted and she wanted us to try their awesome dishes as well. Her friend brought her for a meal there and she was hooked on their steam fish which was really really good, I kid you not!

Good Evening Bangkok basically topped all the Thai restaurants I've ever been to and the food is extremely delicious.

fried japanese beancurd with minced chicken

This is the best sizzling japanese beancurd I've ever tasted!!! Not too spicy, tasty enough and it was sort of the best dish on the table ..

fried kangkung belacan

It wasn't the best I've tasted. I am an extreme kangkung lover and So far the two best places that I've tasted was actually Flying Chillis at Gardens and Seng Tai at Langkawi!

green curry chicken with brinjal

OMG!!!! This is the bomb!! If you love curry, or if you don't love curry, I bet you'll love this anyhow. This is the best curry I've ever tasted!! Trust me! I am a food person and when I moan over this bowl of curry goes to show how delicious it really is!

stream fish with a hint of sourness

I am not too sure what this is called in the menu as they were all in Thai with English descriptions. However, this is the dish that my sister insisted that we try and when it came, it was soooo goood! Thumbs up to the chef, this is by far the best steam fish I've ever had.

There's one more dish which was the Pandan Leaf Chicken and that was awesome too. Too bad I was so busy taking a piece for myself that I forgot to take a picture of it. By far the best place for Thai Food!

Good Evening Bangkok @ 1utama
A: G343A, Ground Floor
One Utama, Bandar Utama
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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