Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cereals + Milk + Banana

If you didnt already know, I have officially begun my dieting this week.
Managed to get everything for an entire week's worth of diet food yesterday and it only costed me RM30.

So this morning, I worked up Cereals + Milk + Banana for breakfast. Usually I opt for Grapes rather than Banana but this time, I had cleansing in mind so, Banana helps me go.

Cereals + Milk + Banana

1) A bowl of Cereals - put as much as you want as this will have to bring you through lunch until dinner.
2) HL Milk - my choice of milk as it is easy and light.
3) 1pc Banana - I got a rather big one compared to the smaller one as a bunch of them can last longer than a bunch of smaller ones.

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