Sunday, December 27, 2009


I absolutely love this movie. This is by far the second best movie I've watched this year. First place obviously goes to Batman The Dark Knight but this, is truly magnificent!

Sam Worthington played Corporal Jake Sully, replacing his late twin brother on a mission joining other team of people to secure a piece of land in another planet called Pandora. This movie takes you into a whole new world of fantasy. A world where nature and animals respect one another. Where every living thing connects through one main living thing, the mother of nature. In Navi (Pandora natives), they call her Eywa. Although watching this movie has a downfall to how we are as humans now. Destroying trees for land. Poluting the air for production. It also carries a huge message on saving our own planet. How for a piece of land, humans destroyed the home of the Navi's. It was cruel to watch but it sent out a very meaningful message.

This movie is the most worth watching movie I've ever watched my entire life. The action scenes were great. The ideas of the movie was excellent! I absolutely love the part where Jake chose his own flying creature and when he flew across the whole land of beauty with Neytiri (a female Navi).

You'll have to watch it for yourselves to understand what I am trying to say here. Pandora is heaven. I wish I was living there. Everything around, everything you step on, everything from day to night, is absolutely beautiful.

Besides, I think he is an absolute eye candy!!


  1. Hoi, did you watch it in 3D?

    Yay, go the Perth boy :)

  2. nope! scared ill get like motion sickness or something. he is from perth??