Thursday, December 10, 2009

Baked Spicy Chicken Sandwich

I just cant wait to share this with you. I was kinda craving for a sandwich, so I decided to steal some of my mom's frozen bread in the freezer, gathered chicken, tomatoes, lettuce and came up with a sandwich for myself!

I didnt really expect it to taste any better than yesterday's salad because it is basically the same way I baked the chicken, just that this time I am making a sandwich instead of a salad.

When I took a bite of it, I was floored!! It was so damn delicious! I mean, I WOWed myself! LOL

Anyways, here goes..

Baked Spicy Chicken Sandwich

2 strips of chicken breast.
2pcs of bread.
5pcs of baby tomatoes.
3pcs of lettuces.
2pcs of dried chilli.
Salt, pepper & margarine.

1) Marinate chicken with salt, pepper and margarine.
2) Spread the dried chillis out evenly on top of chicken.
3) Take 5 baby tomatoes, slice them into half and place them facing upwards around the plate.
4) Put everything into the oven for 30minutes, 220'c.
5) Swipe some margarine onto the bread. Toast it in the oven if you like.
6) Once the bread & chicken is done, spread lettuces on a piece of bread.
7) Place chicken on top of lettuces.
8) Remember to take the dried chillis out.
9) Pour all the good juicy stuff on top of the chicken.
10)Sprinkle some pepper.
11)Cover sandwich with the other toasted bread and BITE!

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