Monday, December 28, 2009

Italiannies for Two

Sometime over last weekend, Baby and I tried out Italiannies 2 course meal for RM27.90. Well, with their well known reputation of serving portions that are too much for one, we got ourselves Italiannies 2 meal course to share and it actually filled us up! Besides, it was extremely worth it because, split the cheque and voila, Italiannies good stuff for RM15 each.

Over the holidays we actually went there twice. And both visits, we enjoyed our food very much.

Home baked Italian Herb Bread

These two are among the starters we could choose from. So for our first visit, we chose Bruschetta and the second visit we had Minestrone (Mini Stroni!!) Soup.

This is the most delicious fish dish that I've tasted at Italiannies so far. I forgot whats the name but its covered with Parmesan cheese!

This is an absolute must have as well! Grilled Milanese Chicken Breast with Spinach cream sauce!! Omg it was superb!

Baby ordered a complimentary Italiannies famous Stuffed Mushrooms because the chicken breast wasn't cooked completely, so they offered us a free starter while we waited for the chicken to be cooked again. I'd say, it was really worth dining at Italiannies that night!

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