Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Everyone from the family, except some, made way to Thien Hoe Temple located somewhere in Taman Seputeh at around 10am. I wasnt really sure of the prodecures but we were hushed into an office inside the temple for their registering ceremony, if you can call that a ceremony cos I honestly do not know what to call it. Together with their witness, Chris & Shandy went into a room where the officer read out their vows and have them sign on "the" piece of paper which states that they are now legally married. Later on, they were told to stand at this flower decorated arch area so that their relatives can take their pictures. A little weird, I found that to be but if that works for them, I guess it should be fine.

Today, Chris & Shandy are officially married.
Husband & Wife. Together forever.
Till death do they part.

So we lingered around as many of them wanted to take some family photos around the temple. Some by the pond. Some at the shaded rest area and some at the entrance of the temple. The weather was blinding hot today and we were all sweating like crazy. Poor Shandy had to stand in the heat in her maxi as well, plus carrying the baby isnt an easy job under the hot sun.

Aunty Luciene, Uncle Sam with all the Chan's grandkids
Absolutely my favourite picture!

All of us who made it for the registering ceremony in front of the temple.

Well everything actually finished within an hour or so. Nothing much of a hoo haa about the whole ceremony, except the fact that they are now officially husband and wife! OH MY GOD!! I am sooooooo happy for them! and tomorrow they will get to find out whether the baby is a boy or girl!! So excited!!!

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