Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Berry XMAS!!


Well, Christmas came and went by in a blink of my eye! However, I would like to wish whoever who reads this a MERRY BERRY CHRISTMAS!

Yesterday before I left the office, Adele surprised me with a present! Well, usually she doesn't do Christmas presents but this time, she said that she was in the mood of giving and so, I got my very 1st Christmas present from her after working for her ... for about 3 years already.


It was really sweet of her to get me a gift pack of lip balm, body soap and perfume in vanilla flavour from Sash, Pavillion. I saw the name card at the bottom of the package and it mentioned that they also sell toiletries, bed sheets, towels and etc. Must check it out one day!


Oh, not forgetting my little gingerbread Santa!!

Christmas Eve dinner was at Aunty Luciene house and the whole house smelt deliciously good when I arrived. Cutleries and Christmas decorations were set up on a long table. We had roasted pork, turkey & chicken wings as mains and saute potatoes with onions, curly fries fried with bacon, boiled brocolli and fresh carrots as sides.


We then had a round of Partini. This game is absolutely fun. I've no idea how to explain the game here but some of them mentioned that it's something like the other game called Kramium. Not sure bout that because I've never come across either. There was this part which was really funny where I had to act out Pamela Anderson for my own team for them to guess, something like playing charades, and I did the whole hand big boobs motion thing and running with my hair swinging behind, then followed with a swimming motion! Gosh, for a person who isn't a tiny bit good at playing charades, most of them actually guessed what I was doing! Best, one of them shouted Baywatch!

The night ended with everyone singing "The 12 Days of Christmas".


Christmas is always the best when there are tonz of presents under the Christmas tree and this year, there's so many more compared to last year's because there were additional presents from added members to the family. We had awesome Rajan's Indian curry & Grandma's signature kicap chicken for lunch and skyped with Aunty Diane, Mike & Sandra, Zach. Christmas presents were given out by each family member and this year, I've got pretty good presents. Well, half of them is to Douglas & Jane, no more individual ones! Lynette said," Yea well, that's for getting engaged!" I really didn't mind at all because I am very much excited bout moving into our own place next year!

So that was it for Christmas this year and by Christmas next year, we will be moving into our own place! I absolutely cannot wait!!

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