Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ponies & House Dos

It was last Saturday that we finally had the time to relax a little and get on with our Christmas shopping. So we headed down to the Curve to have a look see at what we could find for the family.

Much to my disappointment, the flea market didn't carry as many shops as it used to. There were only about 16 stalls that day and none of the stuff were great enough to buy as Christmas gifts.

The Curve was decorated beautifully. There were performances scheduled throughout the day and we kind of walked about for abit.

We went to Friday's to have our lunch. Since I was on a diet, I try not to eat carbo stuff outside. Not too much. So I decided to go for their Dragonfire Chicken and baby got himself the Friday's Monterry Chicken Meltz.

Friday's Monterry Chicken Meltz

So much for not eating carbo stuff. Mine was filled with rice! but it was really healthy though. The chicken is sorta charbroiled and the sauce was awesome! It didn't go with the Mandarin Oranges that they gave though, but it went really well with the rice!

Dragonfire Chicken

So we went on towards Ikano as we wanted to check out Ikea to see if they have any newbies for us to gather some deco ideas for our love nest. Well, we took some pictures of those we liked.

something we were quite in love with. it's actually a bed but we thought of having something like this as the couch in our living room. Fluff pillows all around and it will be quite comfortable.

ahh I love this bed actually. Made out of fabric. I was supposed to take picture of the whole setting but there were so many people that I had to stand so close to get this without anybody sitting at the side or walking here and there.

baby likes this! he likes the wall colour. sets some sort of mood to the room. don't you think?

Oh, and I was so amazed by Ikano's poney ride. I love animals and horses are one of them. Well, they are Ponies actually but, they look the same anyways! We were walking along these rows of flea market booths along the entrance of Ikano and we came across this part where it smelt like POO and when we turned to our right, there was this HUGE pile of POO there..and it was GREEN! No surprise there seeing that there were Ponies there that day.

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