Monday, December 7, 2009

A Weekend of Chris' & Shandy's Chinese Wedding

WOw, what a weekend!

It was the weekend of Chris' (Baby's cousin) & Shandy's wedding ceremony and it was quite fun to begin with.

Flower deco on wedding car. Nissan Skyline Gtr! Ganas!!

Saturday, Baby and I met up at Chris' house to gather with his other friends who will be joining the trip to Bahau, Negeri Sembilan for the wedding which will be taking place in Shandy's house at night. The trip lasted for good 3hours and by the time we reached the hotel that we were supposed to check in at 3pm, was about 6pm. Era Hotel is actually The Best Hotel in Bahau, considering the size of the town to be like .. half of Seremban. So we had really little time to get ready but managed to make it in time to Shandy's place at about 730pm.

Her house, is FREAKING HUGE. No one from our side has seen such a big house. On top of that, the house mansion was built surrounded by kampung houses. Weird right! There's actually a ballroom, spa, bar, karaoke room, 2 huge kitchens, a wide open dining area, TV room, chill room, 22 bedrooms with toilet attached and they are all spread between 3 storeys high. Oh, did I mention a very biggg fountain and a koil pond too? It's actually more like a getaway resort than a house.

Anyway, there were more than 200 people there that night and man, it was packed! The ballroom wasn't big enough to fit so many people, and the food provided that night wasn't enough to feed everyone as well. We had a little as the crowd around the buffet table never died down. They were piling the food on their plates like they've not eaten for a good hundred years and some of them even grab the food with their hands.

this is the ballroom with the stage. picture credited to one of Shandy's sister

The night was Chinese themed, so the immediate family and friends from the bride and groom's side were all in cheong sams and the man in Chinese collars. However we were quite shocked when we saw 90% of the guests in t shirt and jeans. Not sure if they were relatives or what not but they certainly looked like hungry people attending just for the food only.

Shandy and Chris on the stage. picture credited to one of Shandy's friend

Shandy looked stunningly gorgeous in her Chinese tube dress with a lovely Chinese lily pinned on her hair. She looked like a princess back during the olden days of dynasty time =) and Chris looked ... very Chinese. LOL. There were Karaoke (mostly in hokkien) after the dinner and Grandpa sang "My Way" with one of Shandy's older brother Michael. It was quite fun to watch.

We left around 1130pm as both baby and I had to wake up about 6am the next morning for the "Chip San Leong" (pick up bride) thing before we head back to KL. This was where the "Heng Tais" (closest friends picked by groom as his brothers) have to do their part in negotiating with the "Chi Muis" (closest friends picked by bride as her sisters) to get the groom to enter the house to pick up the bride. Usually this is how the tradition goes.

Shandy's brother, John was gonna open the door for Chris

1) When the Groom reaches the house of the Bride, the youngest brother of the Bride's family must open the door for the him. While doing so, there will be negotiating of a fee. If the brother is satisfied with the amount, then he will open the door for the groom to get out from the car.

All of the Heng Tais outside Shandy's house

2) All Heng Tais now have to negotiate a fee with the Chi Muis at the gate of the Bride's house. For Chris' and Shandy's wedding, Chris' heng tais were Baby, Arnold, Arthur, Sean, Jet, Hugh, Danny, and Yeff. So the final price they had to pay the chi muis was RM300.

3) Once entered the house, the Heng Tais have to pass a series of tasks provided by the Chi Muis to make their way to the Bride's room.

a)So the first one was, to drink mixes of Beer & Honey.

b)Then, they made their way to the ballroom where group A & B had to play water bird stone game and the losers of either groups have to take the drinks mixed by the Chi Muis. 1st round of mix was liquor and vinegar of some sort. Then it was pure coffee with coffee beans. Nasty shit! Oh, and Sean was one of the odd ones so he had to wear a bikini.

c)The Chi Muis then made them go up to the stage to perform some sexy dance which was really hilarious. Made me laugh while videocaming the whole thing. (will be on facebook, as requested by the Groom)

d)They then had to eat a plate of spicy chee cheong funs sprinkled with chili padis and another huge plate of bak kueh.

e)The Heng Tais then made their way across the foyer and had to complete another task which was lifting the groom up to the ceiling to kiss a picture of the bride. It wasn't easy, trust me! It was something cheerleaders do and by the looks of it, the Chi Muis were cheerleaders.

That was the final task and everyone made their way to the bride's room. Shandy was sitting there, waiting for Chris and she looked absolutely gorgeous with her tube wedding gown and veil.

Shandy, so pretty right! I love her dress!!

After that they headed back to the ballroom where they started their tea ceremony and soon after that we headed back to KL for the groom's side tea ceremony.

Chris and Shandy before the tea ceremony.

Chris and Shandy escorted by her parents, after the tea ceremony at her house. picture credited to one of Shandy's sister

It took us about 1hour and 30mins only to get back to KL because everyone was speeding at 160km/h. Everyone meaning, Chris & Shandy who were in a Nissan Skyline GTR. Shandy's brothers who were driving a Ferrari, Estima, BMW Z4 and Myvvi. Us in my handy little Neo. As for the rest, who were Shandy's Chi Muis and Chris' Heng Tais were far back.

So we reached the groom's house and lunch was already waiting for us! I was sooooo hungry because during the morning I didn't ate much as all the food was gone before we even had the chance to say, "Foo...". Anyway, it was great to be back to KL and the bride and groom got on with the tea ceremony thing as well for the groom's side.

Shandy emerging from her wedding car.

We left at about 3pm and managed to get some shut eyes for 2 hours at home. It was seriously a very tiring weekend and it totally flew by. However, I am definitely looking forward to the other Dinner Reception which they are having this coming Friday. Good food and great crowd and instead of stuffing myself in a cheong sam which I had to for the bride's side wedding ceremony, I can wear any gorgeous dress I like to for the groom's side wedding ceremony this Friday.

I still cant believe they are married though.
Congrats to the both of you! May you guys have a wonderful life together.

Pictures will be uploaded when Im done uiploading. Too tired to do anything during the weekend.

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