Monday, December 14, 2009

A Night of Chris & Shandy

Last Friday, it was a night celebrating the marriage of Chris & Shandy. Their dinner reception was held at Courtyard Garden, a beautifully decorated bungalow deep in Dungun area. It wasnt difficult for us to find the place, but without the map, we would surely have gotten lost.

The theme for the night was off white and gold. The whole place was decorated so prettily, guests were all very eager to get a glimpse of the bride and the walking down the aisle part touched me the most. I guess it must be the music that they chose. Made my heart flutter. =)

There were about 140 guests that night. Majority was families from both side and there were friends from primary till now of the bride's and groom's.

We had buffet that night. I TRIED so hard to control myself because the beef was soooo good, and I was really proud of myself when I only had one piece of wedge. ONE PIECE OK! The food was alright, but hands down thumbs up to the chef for the beef.

Speeches made and slide shows shown from friends and family of the bride and groom. There were alot of happy faces among everyone who came for this joyous occasion. The best part of the night, was when I watched a video compiled by Arnold (the official videographer) I couldnt help smiling all the way. It was such a lovely piece put together.

Have a wonderful life together, Chris & Shandy.

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