Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Up Goes The Christmas Tree

Last weekend after Eashan's baptism, everyone in the family went over to grandma's house to put up the Christmas Tree!! It's actually an event everyone's excited about almost every year when Christmas is nearing. We'll all be busy decorating grandparent's house with their old decorations (they've been using the same ones every year!) and this year, Devon is finally big enough to walk and understand human language, so he joined in the fun!

Unfortunately, the photographer didnt take a picture of the Christmas Tree. Just of everyone who was at grandma's house.

putting up xmas-5
this is Tai Ka Che Ashley. classic!!

putting up xmas-2
putting up xmas-1
Eashan & big brother Devon

putting up xmas-3putting up xmas-4
Alison & big brother Aaron

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