Saturday, December 19, 2009

Skin Food : Face Hydration

We went to 1utama yesterday. Man, we spent about 45mins in the parking lot, looking for parking space! Wasn't such a great idea going there after all.

Anyways, I was on a mission that day. Looking for UV Base Make Up for myself because I was at Midvalley the other day and I walked into Mac to ask them about some simple make up base for myself.

I didn't know what I was looking for so I told the promoter there that I didn't really know how to make up. Like the basic stuff where you put something and then the foundation and stuff. I got pretty annoyed when she stared at me like I was some alien who just asked her something she didn't understand.

Anyways, she snapped out of it and showed me the basic stuff. Show me some white cream thingie that she applied on my hand and it vanished as she wiped it on my hand with her fingers. She said its a cream that smoothen the skin and minimises the visibility of the face pore. She didn't bother elaborating the next step to apply stuff on the face for basic make up so I just walked out of the store, having that white cream thingie in mind.

Well, this isn't about UV Base. It is about how I was walking into make up stores the whole time I was at 1utama that I ended up buying skin care products from Skin Food after all the promoters from the make up store told me that my face seriously needs HELP!

So I walked into Skin Food, asking for UV Base and this lovely promoter showed me 3 types of make up Base that they have. Clear, Pink & Green. When I saw green I was like, what the.. and I asked her to recommend which colour suits me and she said green. Well my face actually didn't turn out looking green, instead the green is to even out my red spots which is really good.

However, she started to look at my face and asked if I use any moisturiser and I said no because she said my face looks really dry. So I asked her to recommend me some of their products and I ended up buying 2.

Went home to use them and instantly my face was extremely smoother and so nice to touch. I am a happy customer =D. I even got a free Calendar from them plus she was double nice to give me 2 sample packs of Lettuce & Cucumber Water Drop Essence that she showed me earlier that I didn't purchase.

Step 1 : Wash off all dirt on face with facial cleanser.

Step 2 : Massage Pineapple Peeling Gel onto face.

What I love about this product was when she first applied it onto my hand for testing, as she rub there were bits of rolled white stuff forming. She explained that this was Pineapple Peeling from the product that helps clear of dirt and dead skins. This was exceptionally great to use on my face because I have tonz of dry skin that needed to be removed. After I did this, washed my face with luke warm water and it felt so smooth!

Step 3 : Apply Lettuce & Cucumber Water Drop Essence.

1 pack can be applied twice. This is really nice on my skin actually. Made our of cucumber and lettuce water, so it really hydrates my skin.

Step 4 : Spread Lettuce & Cucumber Water Jelly Cream onto face.

Very cooling! I love how it touches my face and it sorta cool it down. It totally moisturizes my skin thoroughly and I felt as if my skin was absorbing all the good stuff from cucumbers and lettuces!

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