Thursday, December 17, 2009

Baked Spicy Rosemary Dory with Veges on the side

My recipe kicked up a notch with added herbs and spices. Last week was chicken week, so this week I made it fish week. Went to Giant last Sunday with baby to get my diet food for the week. This time, I had Rosemary in mind because I've always love how Rosemary made food tastes so delicious! Got myself a bottle of Rosemary @ RM8 and added ground pepper @ RM4 as well into my shopping basket.

When the fish was done, it tasted extremely good! I know I've been saying that for every dish that I've shared but I'm not kidding, it is good! Try it out and you'll know for sure.

Baked Spicy Rosemary Dory with Veges

3 strips of dory fish
5pcs of baby tomatoes.
5pcs to 7pcs of brocollis
2pcs of dried chilli.
salt, rosemary herbs, ground pepper & margarine.

1) Marinate dory fish with salt, rosemary herbs, ground pepper & margarine.
2) Spread the dried chillis out evenly on top of fish.
3) Take 5 baby tomatoes, slice them into half and place them facing upwards around the plate.
4) Take 5/7pcs of brocollis, wash them and swipe some margarine on top.
5) Sprinkle ground pepper and salt on top of veges.
6) Put everything into the oven for 30minutes, 220'c.
7) Remember to take the dried chillis out before you eat.

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