Thursday, December 24, 2009

Shopping Fiesta

It's been quite a while since my last shopping post. As I recalled, it was shopping on9 at Miss OCD. Well, if I didnt post anything related to shopping, THAT doesnt mean I didnt shop! Who on earth born as a female doesnt shop? Shopping keeps us sane.

Anyway, I didnt manage to take any photos of them but if I so much as find the time to, I will definitely update them here.

So far, I've been treating myself to these :

1 Black & 1 Grey Leopard print High Waisted Skirt from Cotton On
1 Grey Leopard Print Bodycon Dress & 1 Black Oriental Wrap Belt from Cat Whiskers
1 Black Shawl from Night Market
1 Black Slipper from Brands Outlet
1 Blue Purple Tier Dress & 1 Grey Tie Dyed Long Tee from F Block
4 Lacey Unbelievably Sexy Panties from Topshop

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