Monday, November 23, 2009

Yes? No? Yes? No?


You know, I absolutely love Bustier + Tulip cut dresses. When I saw this, I fell deeply in love with it. Nova is such a sexy dress. Why am I even contemplating whether I should take it for myself? Well, where will I wear it to? Not to say I attend events everyday. Not to say I club every weekend. Not to say I have any special ocassion coming up. I already have tonz of dresses I've not worn yet. So what reason should I give myself to take this and place it in my cupboard? I can probably wear it for New Year's eve clubbing. MOS babeh! or I can just keep it cos I love it eventhough I know I might not wear it?


and then there's this Montage leggings. Also fell in love at first sight. Very funky and unique. So why should I contemplate again since I love it so much? Because baby said, "you wont wear it wan lah". Got me thinking, if I take it and not wear it, then I shouldnt keep it cos then it would be a waste right? If I do keep it, then it will only add to my mountain pile of clothes which is about to tople over? Sigh...

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