Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"MeOoww" Halloween Masquerade Mayhem at Ministry of Sound kicked ass

Last Saturday was Halloween and I had absolute fun celebrating the night at Ministry of Sound (yes, again!). I've never thought that I would be blogging about clubbing twice a month. I guess that's a progress from the boring old me.

Never used to go clubbing all the time. Probably because it is quite costly and I wasn't always a fan of House. Ever since there's MOS, I've been going quite often. Mainly because I don't feel suffocated in there and that their music is awesome.

Anyway, the night before, all of us met up at Stevens and we were discussing about our costumes, what are we gonna wear for Halloween. At first I didn't know what to be but when I dug my brains deeper to see what kinda wardrobe I currently have, I kinda put together a cat thingie. Besides, it's really easy to be drawing a black nose and some whiskers on my face. Furthermore, nothing is better than to show up being my very own favourite animal. Oh, and thanks to Pearl who got me a pair of cat's ears. Muackssss Dear!

Baby got himself a white mask and some fake blood from Toys R us and he went as Constanti-pated Killer (Constantine + Killer).
Deziree went as a devil with red horns and red lipstick. She brought a friend, Lin Lin.
Basically Lin was suppose to be Shrek but she forgot her ears.
Veron was a Broken Doll. When she told me that at ASD Halloween Party/Bazaar, I was so impressed! I thought it was such a brilliant idea!
Lets see.. Haze came as a vampire I think or a Zombie.
Chuck came as a killer/stalker.
Chris came as a Mafia.
Kevin showed up as a Vampire without fangs (pretty confused).
Kim showed up as a Vampire as well but she looked more like some actress from an old movie, dressed up looking for love.
Pearl came as an Angel without her wings because she didn't like the strap which was attached to her wings and then she ended up looking like a school girl and when she showed us her angel wings, they turned out to be fairy wings instead.
Adeline was a Fallen Angel. Her make up was so good!! Done by MOS themselves, I think they hired some professional face painters.

Did I miss anyone out? Hope not. Basically, everyone was either confused or missing out something from their outfit. Me? I was missing my tail. LOL. A photographer pointed that out when he said "Hey! Where is your tail?" and Sean asked me if I was a Cat or a Fox? I'm like hellow?? I am a CAT!

me and baby

pearl and kim

veron, me, baby, dez and lin

chuck, veron, and haze.

So far the pics that I gathered from a photographer who was taking pictures of the event.

Anyways, continuing..

We didn't have a table in the beginning because I guess, people got to it first. So in the end, we had to share a table with some of Adeline's kuantan friends. They are quite a friendly bunch, I think only those two guys I got to know. The rest seemed .. alright. Although they didn't like, smile or say hi. Ah well, so made some new friends and danced on the podium. Oh, I totally didn't expect this to happen that night. I GOT FREAKING MOLESTED.

While we were heading to the dance floor, some guy just grabbed my ass, swiped it with his fingers and pinched. I shoved the asshole straight when I turned around and I swear if I was even more drunk, I would probably have kicked his nuts and watch him scream for his mother. Fucking asshole can go to hell, fucking idiot! Fortunately, baby and the two shaun & sean were there and not when I went dancing with the girls alone. FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!

Anyways, apart from that.. all in all, Halloween at MOS kicked ass! Totally love partying now. Cant wait for the next =D YEAHHhhhh!!

For more photos, They are on Facebook : click here

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