Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Brain Dead & Gloomy Skies

Im literally stonning in the office now. Just had my cough syrup a while ago, so I guess that's why. I hate this feeling of not being able to sleep when I feel sleepy. My brain isnt working properly at the moment. You know how it is when you step on the acclerate paddle and your car takes a moment to gather what it is suppose to do and then lurch forward like it suddenly understood what you wanted it to do? Yea, something like that.

So here I am at the office, still feeling quite sorry for myself because of what I came to realise yesterday. That things wont be going as according to plan even though everything is going by pretty as predicted. I felt like I am living in denial that everything will happen the way I want it to and how I visualise them to be.

I needed to just cry and let it all out, so I did. I thought it might make me feel better but it didnt. So I guess I'll just brush it off as days pass by.

rain drops keep falling on my head..ding dong

On a another sad note, the sky seems to be feeling the same way I do. It seems to be raining quite often towards the end of the year. I thought each year usually ends with the weather being extremely hot. Sometimes I find ourselves to be in deep shit and that nobody knows it because the weather seems to be reacting unusually rather often. I hope the world wont come to an end when I am still alive.

Nothing much to update.. just a brief one to keep myself occupied as I wait for the whole magazine I am working on at work to be printed. Printer seems to be slowing down too. Sigh. My colleague just broke up with his gf because his gf said she doesnt feel anything for him anymore. What a bummer the day seems to be.

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