Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'ma Black Sista, babeh!

This might be weird to you but Im a girl who loves to play games at cyber cafes. Not those diner dash, rpg games but AWESOME 1st person shooting game! So the hype died down when our L4d group finished all the maps and the game was long forgotten, up until yesterday and all hell broke loose when we heard that L4d 2 is now available to play! with even better gameplay and 3 more wicked infected zombies to fight off.


As usual, I got the girl. I didnt really like the fact that the girl is .. black (damn racist, I know!) but I didnt have a choice really. So I wanted a strong name for her and well, as you already know, I am Black Sista, babeh!

I carry machine guns and twin pistols with me. Ocassionally if I am lucky, I'll have a Health pack strap behind my back for emergencies or to help the guys. Sometimes I'll remember to use my acidict bio bomb thingie, or maybe the pipe bomb.

This time there were more to play with. Melee weapons such as Katana, Parang, Axe and Chainsaw were available throughout the path of the maps. New infected zombies to stay away from were the Charger, Rider, and Spitter, along with the old ones, Tank, Hunter, Boomer and Smoker. The only one which creeps me the most is when I turn around and Spitter is right at my face. IT has a nasty face, believe me. Tall and lanky, face split into two, arms like twigs. Downright Nasty.

We played till 2am yesterday, failed to finish the entire Departmental Store map. It was pretty frustrating because this time, with harder courses, players were no longer made to wait for rescue and defend themselves but to make an escape themselves with items given instead. So for the last stage of the Departmental Store map, players have to escape with a display car which has to be filled with at least 12 gallons of petrol. Petrol bottles can be found all over a 3-4 storey shopping mall and while finding them and going all the way back down to fill the car one by one with the petrol bottles, players must defend themselves from hundreds of zombies + 6 infected zombies and 1 huge ass tank with limited health packs and a place with nothing to shield from these creatures.

Anyway, the game must go on TONIGHT! and I am extremely excited and itchy fingers to play. GAME ON man!

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