Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Surprise for the unexpected

Last Thursday was Uncle Robin's birthday and he was all the way up at Pertak completing his book. So, baby decided that we do something special for him.

Got off work extra early to make the journey up to Pertak, which is somewhere in Pahang. It took us about an hour and a half, after-work jam and stuff like that. The road there wasn't really nice, kinda spooky because it was like driving through an endless road with no lights. At one point, baby made a left turn thinking that there was no road up ahead but actually, there was.

We packed fried rice and fried kuey teow up, together with Tiramisu cake from Cake Sense.

Uncle Robin was pretty shocked at first when he answered the door and we were all shouting "Surprise! and he just went "OKkkayy".. "Okayyyy".. and we could see that he didn't expect us to show up all the way there just for him, to celebrate his birthday. After we settled down, we started dinner and boy, was I hungry. Ate up 2 full plates of fried rice and chilled abit.

They have this really cute cat called Manja. So so adorable because when I call her, she responds, unlike other cats. She'll come close and let me scratch her back. Michelle got scratched cos she accidentally thought that Manja was a dog and scratched her belly, and out came the claws. (Lesson : never ever scratch a cat's belly) I've never understood why, but I knew that from somewhere. Tishu never really had a problem with me touching her belly cos I guess we looked after her when she was a baby.

It all ended about 2hours later because we had to make sure we got enough time to drive back down before it got late. All in all, I really enjoyed the night and the cool breeze up in Pertak, minus the insects, love Manja and cam whoring with Michelle. =D

For more photos, They are on Facebook : click here

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