Friday, November 6, 2009

Twilight is freaking AWESOME..

..are you freaking kidding me?


I know this movie came out decades ago and almost everyone I know, says its good because He is oh so HOT (plus the squeals) in the movie. Still I did not wanna watch because I found him to be so ugly and I thought I was the one with the eye problem when almost all the girls say he is hot.

What is so nice bout the movie? I prefer Taylor, honestly. Although he looks so young and boyish, he tops Edward Cullen. Like million times!

So yesterday, I wanted to give the movie a shot. It was suppose to come out on Astro this month but I had the dvd instead, borrowed from Chris. So we got comfy, and baby wasnt feeling too well, so we skipped yam cha session with the rest and see what's the hype all bout.

About 45mins through the show, I was waiting for the good part to come but it didnt happen. So, 45mins through the show and all I see is this girl looking at the guy and the guy looking back and then the girl looking back at him and he looking back like some stalker fella just really doesnt seem like my idea of a good movie.

After 45mins, I gave up. This movie totally SUX. Horrible horrible. If this movie is meant to be a chick flick then I am honestly not the chick for it. If you tell me what supernatural movie is a chick flick for me, I will put my hands down for The Covenant and Supernatural. If you ask me what is Twilight then? I'll say that it is a totally waste of time and money and a brain damage movie because it slows your brain down. RUBBISH.


Updated : 22nd July 2010

I would like to take back everything I said above about Twilight. After reading the novel early May, I actually love the Twilight Saga written by Stephanie Meyers. I salute her because her novels were brilliantly written and it captured everything a reader is suppose to imagine to make this story an awesome one.

After reading the entire Saga, I watched Twilight again. This time, sitting through everything. Although it is still not as awesome as the book, I would say that it is not that bad. I can understand how I despised the entire show the first time I watched it. The show doesnt explain how Edward is drawn towards Bella's blood as much as the novel. Hence, the stalker face in the movie where he tried to act as if he hated Bella the first time he met her. The movie has lacked in the feeling department. No surprise there as the actors and actresses couldnt really act them out as it was meant to be because, lets all admit, they are fairly new in this scene. Even if Kristen Stewart has acted in Panic Room, that doesnt entitle her to portray a brilliant Bella in Twilight. Same for both Robbert Pattinsin & Taylor Lautner. Acting in Harry Potter and Shark Boy & Lava Girl doesnt credit them as an A-list actor so I think I shall cut them some slack but really, I see that it is a shame that such a brilliant novel which could have been better movie wise, being washed down the drain.

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