Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wedding Gowns I'd Like to Wear for My Wedding

Here are some of the wedding gowns which I found surfing through the web a moment ago. With the wedding being 1year and 5months away, I am guessing I have tonz of time to search through every shopping mall and bridal house for the perfect dress. The thing is, I am not that sure what I would like to wear on my wedding day. No specific detail, No specific design, No specific shape. I guess what I got to do is just look through plenty of wedding gown photos and wait for something to hit me with "That's The One".

To make or buy off the shelves, Not sure. I know if I specially tailor make my dress, it would be so much more special. Buying off the shelves, saves the moolah and there's a chance for me to wear it again on other ocassion.

So here are some of the dresses which I thought really nice.

Some dresses I picked out from the lot for the Church Wedding.

I absolutely love this, especially the back where it drops down to v shape. I have a thing for mermaid dresses, totally gorgeous and just look at the lace finishing. What I love bout this dress is it is subtle, stunningly gorgeous and it is something I would love to get comfortable in.

I love the bust area of this dress and the little flower brooch on the one shoulder strap. I thought of getting a tube shape dress for the Church Wedding, whereas for the dinner, I'll probably settle in for a toga shape dress. However, when I saw this I really like it, except that the bottom is too big for me. Church will be hot and I dont really wanna get all irritated by the fact that I am sweating like a pig inside my 101 layer dress. Maybe for photoshoot then.

OUuuhhhhh I love this! It is sooooooo elegant to me. Simple and Elegant. Something I had in mind. Love that pin up on the hips and ruch dresses usually hides all the extra chunks of meat.

And so these are for the Dinner Reception.

When I saw this, yes, in BLACK, I was in love with it. But I think there's an extremely high chance that my mom will make my planning for the wedding a living nightmare if I wear anything Black for my wedding. Not to mention, even for the Engagement Dinner she had plenty to say about my Black Dress that I wore.

I am not too fond of halters, even for normal tops, I usually choose not to get myself halters because they actually make my back ache. I asked others who normally wear halters and they seemed fine with them. So I guess its just me but, this dress is really nice.

Well, if my Wedding Dinner Reception is gona be in a garden (I hope), I would probably wear this =D Looks super comfy and so goddess like!

Same for this though. And the best thing is I can wear it again and again after that!


  1. I think that any off the shoulder dress will look fabulous on you. Few things you might want to consider:

    1. How hot it's going to be under there.
    2. How long your dress is - I'm getting mine taken up just above the shoe line. In case it rains and it gets wet, might look horrible down the bottom.
    3. Do you want nice design vs long train?
    4. Willyou be able to walk without tripping over the dress?
    5. Can you tahan being in it for at least 12 hours in the day?
    6. Have you got a theme?
    7. If you like black, is there a way to combine the 2 colours without having to change dresses?

    Food for thought :)

  2. Well basically I wont be in it for 12hours, definitely. Wont want train for my wedding. Theme tentatively Im choosing Midnight Blue, Gun Metal Grey and White. So I actually thought of White gown for the Church and then either Grey or Blue for the dinner. Depending lah.

  3. hi just came across your website, and was wondering who makes the very first dress (the satin/lace mermaid gown) that you posted? thanks very much! good luck with your search :)

  4. hey i was just googleing wedding dresses and the second dress in ur list i fell in love with could you tell me who makes it

    thanks kim

  5. The first dress is by Alvina Valenta and I believe the second dress is by Jim Hjelm.