Monday, November 23, 2009

Aliens Are More Human Than You Think

International 1-Sheet

We tried for 2012 again during the weekend but, as usual tickets were all SOLD OUT, again!! Can you freaking bliv it? 2 weeks in a row, and no tickets available. I heard that its OK OK only lah but I still wanna watch! I just wanna see how the world is gona end. LOL.

Anyways, instead of getting 2012, we went for Planet 51. Never heard of right. Yea, same here. We saw it listed on the showtime when we logged onto GSC. Watched the trailer and wikipedia-ed the show. I was abit skeptical because I asked baby if the cartoon is from Disney Pixar or Warner, but none instead its by Sony Pictures and some name I've never heard of. Anyhow, we bought the 8pm show.

Cartoon was..OK OK oni lah. Made me laugh bout 2-4 seconds and that was it. Story was pretty interesting but nowhere near cartoons by Pixar. Sigh. Was really disappointed when we came out of the movies, everything in Midvalley was either closing or closed when it was only 930pm.

Ah well.. at least I watched something!

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