Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Under the Weather! sobs~

So whats brand new? Nothing much as usual. Gotten sick on Monday. Slept through to 10pm then woke up wide awake and slept again at 1am until this morning 9am.

Saturday, got in some stocks. Pretty disappointed because I only manage to get a few nice stuff, and usually I get like a bunch. Well, we were rushing off to cod that's why and we were running out of time, so there was no way we could search further for nicer items.

So far this week's love has to be Floret and Astra. Absolutely love them both as Floret spells femininity and fresh all over. Plus I find the flower design really refreshing. Planning to wear it to Chris' Wedding Tea Ceremony. Oh and the bustier part, LOVE!


As for Astra, I am a total sucker for Grecian details. Plus, it is quite long and comfy. Definitely suitable for an everyday outfit!


Sunday we met Deziree and Yap for dinner at Delicious Bangsar Village 2. Both Dez and I have always wanted to try Delicious together but we were so busy and we hardly meet. We used to see each other really often last year when we participated at bazaars together but since she stopped her blogshop, we hardly ever meet. Once in a while after work and stuff, that was when she was unemployed. Now she is working for an auditing firm doing auditing stuff, she barely has time.

So anyways, we caught up pretty much the other night. Oh, the food there is delicious, lived up to their name.

I ordered Duck Confit with Spaghettini which was what I've always wanted to try. I had a taste of it previously when Adele ordered it, but trying it a year later is pretty much the same expectation. Yummy.

Baby ordered Delicious home made burger which was really good. Burger patty tasted like what you would get from a pub or bistro.

Deziree ordered Spaghetti Bolognese which was also good. Need abit of salt though but the tomato paste was really good.

Yap ordered Spicy Thai Crab Meat Spaghettini which I did not try. Apparently he said it tasted "Damn Thai lor" and that was it.

So everything was good and stuff. Nothing unusual and we gossiped a little bout the usual. It was really great catching up with her though.

Delicious @ Bangsar Village II
A: GF-1, Upper Ground Floor
Bangsar Village II, 2, Jalan Telawi 1
Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
T: 03-2287 1554
W: www.delicious.com.my

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