Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I've decided!

to buy this colour..


Here you see it silver. In real life the colour is Gun Metal and it is absolutely gorgeous.

Last Sunday, we went to The Curve at about 7pm after his football because I needed to go out of the house since we didnt on Saturday. Instead of our usual Midvalley, we went to The Curve cos a while before we decided, I saw IKEA's kithcen brochure and it had Christmas deco all over. Since I havent been to IKEA for quite some time, we decided to head over to check out what's new.

IKEA is as superb as always. Laura was there too, read her blog but sad to say, we didnt bump into each other. She managed to catch 2012 which I wanted to since it came out but there is just no damn ticket available to be purchased. So we walked abit around The Curve and Ikano, ate at Fridays and just before we left which was about 10pm, I dragged us both into Nokia to see the real E72.

They presented me with the Black and I absolutely disliked it. Plain BORING. I asked for the Champagne, they said it wasnt available yet. What about the Silver? Oh it was SOLD OUT. WOW, what a seller.

So the next day, I had to take MC because I had trouble sleeping the past few nights due to my severe cough which only happens when I decide to sleep. Doctor said that my airways might be blocked and because my cough lasted a week, my ribs were affected. So whenever I cough, it hammers my ribs which is quite painful. We then took a drive down to Midvalley to see if the tickets for 2012 are available to purchase, and sadly, they werent available. ALL SOLD OUT again. Even on a working day during working hours. So I dragged both of us to Nokia again to see if they had the Champagne but they presented me with the one with Gun Metal colour instead. So I asked what colour is this? Then the promoter said it is grey. I asked if they have the colours shown on the website, and he said that this grey one is the silver one that I saw on the website. I was so surprised because when I see the silver one on the website, I didnt like it at all. Didnt even crossed my mind to give it a second thought. Now, I love it and I wanna get it. When I've gotten it, I'll snap pics of it and you can judge by yourself!

Cant wait!!

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