Sunday, November 15, 2009

Montagne Jeunesse

Up till this very day, I have no idea how to pronounce Montagne Jeunesse.

I first came across these interesting colourful shaped packets on a stand in Guardian. Looking closer, they are a bunch of beautifiers. Mask, Detox sheets, Hair Care, Eye Pore strips and so many more. Montagne Jeunesse carries pampering top to toe beauty products all the way from United Kingdom.

I'm sort of a sucker for stuff like these, especially when they are presented in a unique way. Plus, it was Buy 1 and get the 2nd at 50% off. Why not? Since 1 pack is like RM5.60 and the second is only at RM2.30.

So I got myself 2 packs to try and I instantly love love them both!

My first try was Peach Kernel & Walnut Exfoliating Masque (Classic Range).

Description: Packed with gentle exfoliating beads your skin is simply left silk soft and cleansed. The masque feels so glossy and creamy on your fingertips, lavishly apply and enjoy the subtle smell of peaches that give you a surprising perk! When you wash the masque off the silky water in your hands smells beautiful and this lingers on your skin for a while.

My experience : In the beginning, I expected it to be like any normal mask. Open pack, take the peel off and splat it on my face. But how wrong I was.

Once I opened the pack, I was greeted by the smell of peach. It smelt so tasty that I wanted to put it in my mouth (that was what almost happened to another one). The texture of the mask is more like, thick oozing cream loaded with exfoliating beads.

Note : 1 pack can be used twice as there's more than enough provided. So squeeze half onto palm and seal the rest back for future.

I didn't need to wash my face before I apply it, as instructed by the pack. Just massage it onto my face, gently scrub every inch of my face until I was satisfied and leave it on for a max of 15mins. Wash off with luke warm water as advised but I washed it off with plain tap water. Pat face dry and felt the moist on my face was enough to put a smile onto my face. It removed all my dead skin and I felt completely refreshed.

My next experiment was with Strawberry Soufflé Masque (New Range).

Description: Cleanse with our new Strawberry Soufflé Masque as part of your regime for a purified, toned smooth complexion. Loaded with natural goodness which leaves skin hydrated & refreshed allow your skin to breathe with soothing Aloe Vera & calming Vanilla.

Experience the sensation of sheer Strawberry delight and enjoy deep cleansed, healthier skin.

My experience : This was more of a hydrating mask. It was really rich with strawberries, not that I can see but the feeling of it when I applied gently on my face was extremely relaxing. It was as though I could feel my face munching on strawberries. I first used the exfoliating mask to wash off dirt on my face plus disposing of dead skin cells and cleaning up my pores. After a week later, I used this to hydrate my skin. This is absolutely pampering. When I washed the mask off my face, I felt incredible and I am not exaggerating. It is a definite a must try.

After my experiences with these two, I went back to Guardian and bought another pack of Peach Kernel & Walnut Exfoliating Masque and added 2 more packs into my purchase.

The next pack which I tried was Fudge Sauna (Fun Range).

Description: Cleansing has never been so easy with our gorgeous Self Heating Vanilla Fudge Sauna. Absorb the sweet aroma, sit back and relax as the heavenly formula opens pores and deep cleanses, leaving your skin so clean it glows.

My experience : WOW! When I first poured it onto my palm, I was quite disappointed because of the amount given. The previous two was more than I could use a single time, but this was half the amount of the previous two. So I poured everything onto my palm, it felt a little warm and then applied it on my face. Once it touched my skin, it literally boiled. It felt like I was putting bearable hot chocolate souffle on my skin.

My phone rang and I almost licked my finger because it was covered with the mask that smelt so deliciously good of Chocolate Vanilla. Thank God I did not!

This is an awesome mask. The cream itself heats up the face like its in a sauna and I could see bubble of little sweat popping out from my pores. It was instant deep cleanse! After 15mins I washed it off and took a look at my face. My pores are extremely clean, I kid you not!

The other pack that I bought is Dead Sea Anti-Stress Mud Masque (Classic Range).

Description: Deeply cleanse your skin. When you tear open the sachet you are flooded with the fresh fragrances of Lavender, Sweet Seaweed & Dead Sea Minerals. Lavishly apply and relax as impurities are drawn out and blocked pores opened for a deep clean.

I have not used it yet but I am pretty sure it is as satisfying as I find the others. This mask is more for anti-stressing, so I have not find the right moment to use it yet.

Once I have, I will definitely blog about it! Definitely =D

If you are interested in trying Montagne Jeunesse, you can always visit their website : for more info before you run yourself to Guardian! Have fun!


  1. Yuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm!!! Never mind putting it on your face.. straight into your mouth, I say :)

    Pronunciation, I think is Mon-tah-nee Jhe-ness

  2. Yeaaaaa and lucky I didnt else Ill end up in the hospital. LOL