Thursday, November 12, 2009

OHhh Im feelin so Evill today..

Nyahahahahahaaaa... I think some might find feeling evil is bad but I think feeling evil once in a while will do good to yourself. Balance the Yin and Yang to your personality.

Today, Im feeling so good to be feeling evil. Basically, it all started when that person I didnt like from the very beginning I met, got what was deserved, I felt over the moon! Girls are scary that way. You'll not know what's lurking behind those long black hair and puppy dog eyes.

Seriously, I am not over the top, just that sometimes I find that people would get a taste of their own medicine to feel what they've been taking forgranted. And when they do, they better know it or else they'll be in deep trouble. Especially from people like me.

This person I got to know and gave plenty of chances, is forever taking me forgranted. So this time, Im back firing this person's own medicine and I know it will definitely blow because previously I've been getting it over and over again.

It definitely made MY DAY!

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