Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sunway Wildlife Interactive Zoo @ Sunway Lagoon

I stumbled across this post from one of my many blogs, and I thought to put it here to share as I know that not many people realized the drastic change of Sunway Lagoon since years ago. While I am at it, I'll probably edit the article a little bit more. This article was dated 18th December 2008.

As the main coordinator for The Malaysian Childcare and Education Guide, a yearly childcare guide I am handling for my company, I had to go to some of the places of interest around Klang Valley for a short review write up and below, will be the write up for a petting zoo that I visited at Sunway Lagoon, Sunway Wildlife Interactive Zoo.


Situated in the heart of Sunway, the Sunway Wildlife Interactive Zoo is the one of the only fully interactive animal themed attractions in Malaysia. Over 90 species of tame animals ranging from Black Panthers, Pythons, Squirrel Monkeys, and even Wallabies call this shaded sanctuary a home.

Be greeted by some very tame parrots and cockatoos that enjoy being close to humans. Next, get up close and personal with some pretty intimidating reptiles, well secured in their individual cages. Amongst them look out for a snake which has comfortably adapted itself to being pet by humans. The reptile section lets children learn to understand the habits of creatures they would usually be afraid of.


The highlight of the zoo is its family of Squirrel Monkeys!
These furry friends absolutely adore the attention they get from humans. It’s not often you get to interact with monkeys, hence children and adults will definitely love this experience.


Another interesting part of the zoo is the feeding area where peacocks, tortoises, rabbits and even skunks roam around waiting to be fed with food provided by the zoo. The skunks are even friendly enough to be carried without having to worry about their tendencies to emit foul odour! This whole section has a very “kampung” ambience and is reasonably well shaded from the harsh sun so children can fully enjoy the experience.

This is one of the skunk at the zoo. Her name is Lola :D


Last but definitely not least entertaining, is the bird park. This free flight aviary gives visitors the chance to literally walk with birds. Watch as parrots paint the scene with their colours, and even walk with peacocks as they stroll along the pathways of the aviary. As with the other animals in the zoo, these birds have also adapted to being around humans so you can really observe closely as they go on living their lives.


As with all zoos the Sunway Wildlife Interactive Zoo, is a place for the family to get together and get close to nature’s amazing wildlife. The zoo’s educational value is truly second to none, whiles being an extremely fun experience for adults and children at the same time. .


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