Monday, July 26, 2010

Pigeons Doo doo

News of the day :

"Kings of Leon's concert was canceled last minute because apparently, there were alot of pigeons around the area. The concert was held at an open air park, and there were alot of pigeons hiding underneath the stage area resulting to having pigeons doo doo all over the stage area. Therefore, because of these pigeons doo doo, the concert was canceled. Can you believe it?"

This morning, when I heard this on, it really made me smile. Seriously, there are all kinda things happening in this world but this, kinda surprised me and actually made my morning less gloomy. Those poor people who bought the tickets to watch Kings of Leon live must be like, WTF! I know I would to, if I was told that I am not going to catch them live just because these people happened to set up their stage around pigeons and ended up getting doo doos all over their place. Talk about weird.

The other day, I heard this on radio and I so love it. It's by Pixie Lott.

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