Thursday, July 15, 2010

Going Barbie!

Just so you know, I've never liked Pink on me for the whole 23years that I've lived. I don't know what hit me or what's gotten into me, but suddenly, I'm all ga-ga over Hot Pink! Last weekend, I actually had the urge to go hunt for a bottle of pink nail polish and after going to Sasa, Skin Food & Face Shop, I finally found the perfect Hot Pink nail polish at Elianto *although Elianto's polishes can't last long and its only RM5!

Hot Pink Nails
did you know that finger nails grow 0.1cm everyday?

Then when I got my phone, I had to look for the exact ventilated or perforated *as they labeled it casing in Pink too! and after going through all the IT shops in Pyramid, I finally found the best bargain for RM25 each *i bought the casing in Sunny Yellow too remember?

Then when I got home and looked at this blog, it is actually in Hot Pink too! I am still quite awed by my new Hot Pink fetish because, if it was like a few months back, you will never ever dead on catch me liking this colour at all! I mean, to look at on stuff probably but not wearing striking pink on my nails nor having anything to do with Hot Pink as accessories! Now, I just cant take my eyes off the colour.

I'm all Barbie now :D

It is amazing how someone can totally change overnight.

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