Thursday, July 22, 2010

MAC World Computer Promotion by Machines @ Midvalley

This morning's Facebook status once I got into office :

"calling all iPhone fanatics, there's an exhibition on all MAC products in Midvalley lower ground (or is it ground?) floor!! went there yesterday and they are selling so so many iPhone casing and accessories + iPhone 4 accessories as well + ipad ones too! (so colourful OK! and they are selling them cheaper (20-50% discount!). some are limited edition stuff so go take a look! ♥"

You usually wont find me blogging about gadgets so much but I haven't been able to put down my phone lately. I am obsessed! *so is someone else but i don't wanna say whooo :P

During my journey home after work yesterday, I was all excited when I heard that there is a MAC exhibition going on in Midvalley on radio! So I knew I had to check it out.

Stupid maggot didn't think to take any pictures of the event but imagine this, rows and rows of iPhone casing, iPhone quirky stuff and I saw this really tempting set of iphone 3gs casing in 5 metallic colours all for RM99! *think changing the case daily! It was written on the box, Your Daily Fashion Accessory.. then there are tonz of limited edition casings, ipad casings, ipad keyboard pads in multiple frosty translucent colours *so cute OK!, adapters and stuff! can't list them all here or else it'll never end.


So anyway, if you are looking for MAC products at this moment at a fairly reasonable price, you might find yours in this event because some of the products are on sale. The original price that I saw on one of the casing was RM100++ but it went down to about RM40. Not all are that dirt cheap OK but it doesn't really hurt to check it out. Some are extremely worth it! There are booths set up by different companies as well, selling MAC accessories. I've gotta say that the promoters there are really friendly, except for one Malay lady. She really didn't give a damn about me wanting to try an iPhone casing so I moved on. Their lost.


This event will be held until end of this week, so check it out if you've not. I was so tempted to buy this casing which looked like droplets of water all over the casing in metallic ocean blue but didn't have the heart to spend anymore than I have already. Remember? I said I'm trying to cut down on my shopping. I've been good OK! I only bought 2 maxi dresses so far. Excluding the number of my own clothes that I kept for myself...that doesn't count!!

Question: Did you know that there is such thing as a finger holder, neck strap, wrist strap for the iphone so that you can actually finger it, hang it around your neck or dangle it around your wrist?!

Answer: I didnt know but now I do, thanks to this event. Praise the maker!

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