Friday, July 30, 2010

How to put on Falsies for Newbies!

I didn't have anything to do that night, so I decided to give my forsaken falsies I bought half a year ago, a try as my 1st attempt putting them on failed miserably. I was devastated! So, I tried googling, youtubing, facebooking, socializing and in the end I found out where was the mistake!

Did you know that (those who are not newbies please ignore this question) you have to cut them to fit to your eyes? So that it isn't so pokey? Yes! That's it :D That was the only problem that prevented me from putting on a nice pair of natural falsies and had me in the dark about how these things can magically turn your eyes into the most beautiful thing in the world!

Trust me, putting on fake eyelashes really make a whole ton of difference to your set of eyes.

So, gathering information from various sources made my 2nd attempt a pretty successful one. Neh!


So to all the newbies out are the things you need to know.

1) You will need the glue (obviously), the eyelashes, the mascara and the eye liner.
2) Before you do anything else, place both eyelashes onto eyelids, as close as possible to your real lashes. Make sure you don't put your eyelashes all the way into the corner of your eyes. Give it 1cm (really depending on your eyes) and then snip of the end of the fake eyelash according to the end of your eyes.
3) Then, do the same for the other side.
4) Put on your eye liner and mascara.
5) Take the glue and swipe some onto where you are suppose to on the fake eyelashes. Wait a second or two until the glue turns transparent-ish. In the beginning it's milky in colour.
6) Then let it fall on top of your real lashes, gently.
7) Use your fingers to stick them as close as possible to your eyelids and blink rapidly until you think that it is settled at the right place. Make sure it isn't pokey because that was how I felt initially during my 1st attempt.
8) If everything feels absolutely normal. Like you've no fake eyelashes on AT ALL, then you've done everything right! Congrats! :)

Just make sure that they dont fall off half way. LOL

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