Friday, July 16, 2010

No More Blackheads!

Well, there is absolutely NO SUCH THING. No matter how expensive, how deep researches research, we, human beings can never ever absolutely never avoid blackheads and that is that!

I've been changing so many face wash over the past years, I've actually lost count of those that I've used before. Nivea, Garnier, Michelle Lazar's, Eversoft, Ginvera, Johnsons & Johnsons...and they all worked fine to me. The main target for face wash is usually dirt anyway, so we are extremely prone to blackheads whether we like it or not. No face wash can actually seep in deep enough into your pores to force the yellow biji out. So, face reality already.

Yesterday I stroll into Guardian to get a new face wash and I came across Neutrogena's newest product, Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Face Wash Set. I turned the bottles over to read what they can do *duh! blackhead eliminator and automatically went, yeahh right! but I gave them both a shot anyways because I've been a fan of Neutrogena since I last try them ages ago and gotten myself the face wash which has micro beads to scrub deeper into pores for thorough cleanse accompanied by the toner.

Neutrogena Blackhead Face Wash

After using the face wash, I've gotta say that it is actually a nice change from my last one which was Garnier Hydrating Cleanser. After the wash, my face actually felt real clean, like squeak clean without the usual super dry plus left over flakes. It was supple smooth and bouncy. *Yes, I poke my own face sometimes.

The Toner! whole life, I have never used toner. I know it is essential but I never got to getting myself one because I actually do not see the need to have a toner. Everyone knows that toner helps to cleanse further after the face wash and also to hydrate the skin a little with added help to minimize pores.

Im quite a lazy person to be honest. I have 5 packets of mask I bought a few months back and they are still lying flat on my rack, untouched. So yes, that was the reason why I dont own any toner before because I know that I will not use it.

Neutrogena Blackhead Face Toner

So why is this one so special? Because when I read the back label of the bottle, as usual it states : Use the complete range of this product to see better results. Therefore, I bought it. That simple. It worked actually! My first attempt using this two was really good. My face actually felt clean and smooth. Even the fiance commented on my skin, "How come so smooth wan?!".

So there you go, Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Face Wash Set is indeed Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Face Wash Set. :D

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