Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I seriously need some help

I have been shopping without holding myself back for God knows how long. I've no idea how much I've been spending every month on shopping alone. I just can't seem to stop! My whole room is overflowing with tops, dresses, skirts, shorts, bags! Oh Mm Gee!! *ok I did not just say that!

I've no idea why cant I just stop myself. So, I told myself that this month, I'll be good and TRY to spend as little as possible. But you know how sometimes, when you come across something you really like and want and tell yourself, ok maybe this is an exception. That is the case for me, everything is an exception! Yesterday I walked into a boutique just below my office and I came out with 2 items. A pair of powdered blue shorts that I've been looking for high and low and a floral top which is really really comfortable that I just cant make myself not buy! besides, it was only RM26 for a top!

Right now, I'm contemplating if I should get myself a pair of shoes ... that I'm selling ... Shit dammit! It's really nice. Yep, it is. I've been looking at it ... for like ... quite some time already and I've been contemplating ever since! Should I, should I not? But why shouldnt I? It's just ONE pair. No harm done right? Well, except the fact that last month I spent ALOT! You cannot imagine just how much I spent. But the thing is, that was my problem last month right? I've been good this month, although it's only the 7th. Plus, next month I need to renew my road tax and car insurance ... double urghhhh! Sigh sigh sigh ... I definitely need some help!

Wanna see the shoe that I'm talking about? Here it is! It is so pweeeetttyyyy isnt it?


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