Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Say Hello :D


Say hellow to my 3days old gadget :D

When someone told me that Digi is now offering RM60/month for their iData plans from their initial price RM88/month, I hesitated. I wanted the new iphone 4g but after numerous advice against getting that phone *reception problems and phone on fire I decided to just go for the 3gs because its almost the same for a much lesser price anyways.

Surprisingly, it only took less than a day to get my Hotlink prepaid changed to Digi postpaid. Even the Digi guy was surprised cos initially he said it takes 2days and asked me to come back to the store to get my phone within 7days after my number has been fully converted. So I went to the store on Sat to get it done, and by mid Sunday, I finally got my phone! That efficient, i like :D

So Im still quite new at this whole virtual stuff .. what more, the size of a phone on my palm. All I can say is that I am loving my new apple, white apple :D and I can check emails much quicker now instead of relying only on my laptop.

Went to Pyramid Monday to get 2 cases for my phone. Both with ventilated holes, one in Hot Pink and another in Sunny Yellow. Swooonnnsssssssss ~~~ :D


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