Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My First Topshop Skirt!

I know! What a major surprise, right? A fashion lover & shopping maniac like me does not have any Topshop apparels right? I know, I am terrible. I tend not to splurge on anything branded because I do not care about brands. Ask me if I have anything tagged onto Miss Selfridge, or Dorothy Perkins or even Zara! I don't. The most branded item I have right now is, my Roxy purse. That's about it.

Last Sunday, marked the day of owning my very first Topshop skirt! I was beaming like a little kid with her lollipop when I walked out from the shop. I can forgo the cropped tank top, I can forgo the little cute knickers but I can absolutely not forgo something to do with panels because I am literally obsessed with them. Panels are my love for skirts now.

I picked a few items off the shelves, ... wait a minute, did I mention.. that Topshop is having sale right now? Like major sale? 70% sale? Well, obviously it's not like the whole store but still, it's something right? Anyway, back to what I was saying. Yes, I took a few stuff off the shelves. Majority cropped tops as I have a thing for cropped tops too but when it comes to the real deal, I cannot not buy the panel skirt I tried on.

Being the non-brand conscious person, I was hesitant. It was tagged RM133 and there wasn't any discount for it, so ... baby paid RM50 for me and all I had to do was fork out RM83! *I think it was because we were standing at that one place for so long, with me contemplating whether to buy or not that he didn't want to wait anymore and offered to pay some for me. AHAHAHAHAAH. ok nola, I know it's because he loves me :D

So tada!! My first Topshop Panel Denim Skirt :D major love love.

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