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Dinner with the X Top Model Search 2011 Finalists at Garibaldi @ Bangsar Village I


"Garibaldi is one of Singapore's most popular and respected Italian restaurant landmarks and now it has arrived in Malaysia. Located in Bangsar Village, Garibaldi provides a fine example of a stylish Italian eatery –modern, elegant yet friendly and dynamic. The contemporary and hip atmosphere has helped to make "Garibaldi" a classic Malaysia social gathering place.


Distinguished for its fascinating character and strong identity, the atmosphere in the main dining area is always stylish without being stuffy. The enticing menu emphasizes authentic Italian cuisine prepared with the best ingredients imported directly from Italy. The elegant bar offers a great selection of wines by the glass and excellent cocktails; it is the perfect setting for social gatherings and events.


The success of Garibaldi is based on serving well-prepared Italian food, executed with explicitness and taste and served with flair, care and attention." - taken from Garibaldi Facebook


The Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers were invited to dine with X Top Model Search 2011 Finalists at Garibaldi and what an experience it was. I got to meet all of the beautiful ladies who are competing in The X Top Model Search 2011 that night and managed to score an interview with one of them as well. All to come right after we go through with the food we had at Garibaldi.

02 Isalata Trentina RM24
Isalata Trentina RM24
garden salad with apple, fontina cheese and walnut

Love the apple, cheese and walnut mix.

01 Sparkling Wine
Sparkling wine for us to go with our main courses

03 Rollino RM32
Rollino RM32
pizza dough rolled with mushrooms, chicken sausage, black olives, tomato sauce and mozzarella

04 Vegetariana RM30
Vegetariana RM30
tomato, mozzarella, zuchinni, pepper, eggplant and mushrooms

The green pepper wasn't really my thing but I loved the eggplant and mushrooms! Mushrooms mostly because it was pretty flavorful.

05 Grilled Chicken Breast RM35
Grilled Chicken Breast RM35
with potatoes and mushroom sauce

Ah, this dish was really light. However, the mushroom sauce was amazing! I couldn't help eating most of it..hehehehe..

06 Linguine Vongole RM32
Linguine Vongole RM32
linguine with clams in white wine sauce

It is amazing how light this was, yet it was filled with flavor from the clams. The white wine definitely brought out most of the taste!

After dinner, I met with Ieqa, one of the contestants of the X Top Model Search 2011 and had a chat with her. She is super friendly and down to earth despite being in a tight competition as you can see that there are a few left and according to Ieqa, they've already went through some challenges together.


In the midst of going through her law courses in Kuala Lumpur, Ieqa is trying to fulfill her dream in becoming a model. Asked of her favorite supermodel, she said, "Chanel Iman from USA". Apart from being a part time model, as she previously started modelling 6 months ago, she loves to hang out with her bunch of friends, being adventurous, and basically experiencing everything life has to offer.

One thing that amazed me was when I asked her, "What makes you different from most of the people you know?" and her answer was "I love memorizing things". I've not really come across someone who loves memorizing things, really but I was intrigued by her. This definitely will come in handy in some part of this competition.

The winner of X Top Model Search 2011 will be bringing home :

- Winner Title: X Top Model Search 2011
- Exclusive Trip @ Elite New York/Paris: X Real Model Life
- Exclusive Modeling Runway Appearance at Beijing Fashion Week
- Modeling contract with Elite Hkg Model Management
- BTL Ads and Fashion Show contract with Sponsors
- Cash and Prizes
- Total worth of: RM 100,000.00

Well, you can be certain that this is one brilliant girl and not only is she competing for her stand in this model search, she is ready to take on the world!

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