Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tom Dick & Harry's droppin 1000 Jäger Bomb at Scott Garden @ Old Klang Road


I went for Tom Dick & Harry's 1000 Jäger Bomb drop but I didn't get to see them drop lor!

I knew they were dropping at 10pm so I went there pretty late, right after dinner at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng which was just a few blocks away and when I got there they were still preparing for the bombs to drop.

It was really magnificent! You'll never really get to see 1000 cups of Redbull with shots of Jagermeister on top of each cup unless you were there the other night!


Met Naomi and Zoey as they were there to witness all 1000 dropping as well but they had to go off because they were there since 7pm. So I had to go too because I wanted to catch Wu Xia which was screening on cinema (A MUST WATCH!)

So anyways, I caught TDH dropping the bomb on video taken by one of their customers, which was posted on their FB Page and it was quite a sight!

Tom Dick & Harry's at The Scott Garden, Old Klang Road is now officially opened! Breakfast from 10am to 2pm is now available as well after this week, only on weekends ya peeps!


CONGRATULATIONS, GUYS! What a launch! 5 days in a row..MOU MAN TAI! :D

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