Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fireflies & Booze


Last weekend was an unusual one. Planned to chill out at Urbanscapes but found out that we had to pay RM40 to get into the event which was ridiculous. A friend of mine mentioned Groupon was selling tickets at RM26 but that wasn't the point. I merely wanted to go and check out the bazaar, not the performances and I didn't find paying RM40 or RM26 worth it at all because I simply do not believe in paying to get into a flea market where I need to pay more to shop. So we scraped that off and headed to Midvalley to hunt for some nice sexy bikinis. Mission failed, went off empty handed but at least I did not have to pay RM40 just to enter the mall, get my drift?


Anyways, baby decided to take us to watch fireflies that night and I was excited because I've not seen fireflies before. Dropped by at Starbucks along the way to chill out with Kev before we started our journey.


We didn't know how to go actually but thanks to my one and only trusted gadget, tuk tuk brought us there in one piece! It took us about 1.5hours..and by the time we reached it was about 8pm.

Decided to grab dinner before visiting those fireflies. Headed to their one and only Firefly Seafood Restaurant which was next door to the place.


Peanuts for us to munch while we wait for our food.
Fresh orange juice at RM4.50 a glass.
Baby ordered normal fried rice with fried egg which costed RM6.
I ordered normal fried rice with bits of fried salted fish which was RM6.
Then we shared a small plate of salt & pepper squids which was RM15.

I'd say, do not expect anything from the fried rice at all. It wasn't good but we really didn't mind cos we were hungry and there weren't any other restaurants nearby. The squids were really good, which was a surprise!
Fresh juice was thick and smooth, worth the price.

Oh one important thing, be prepared for bugs, mozzies, insect of all kinds. Put on layers of insect repellant on your body. Never ever take that for granted.

Entrance fee is RM15 per person, last boat out will be out at 9.30pm. So, don't be late or else the boat men might take that as an advantage and charge you double (happened to one of our friends).


The boat ride takes about 25 minutes and the boat man brings you along the river by the trees that the fireflies hang around. When I first saw them, lighting up tree after tree, it was like Christmas. They really look like little light bulbs from far, circling around the trees that they live on. It was really romantic because I was just watching them in awe, wondering how on earth an insect can make something looked so beautiful and I was watching all these with the person I love most.

We managed to catch one light up on our camera (last photo) because whenever there are lights around them, they turn off their little bums. So it was quite difficult to catch them on camera but we managed to catch just one little tiny light bum when we were walking back on the jetty. One even stuck itself on baby's car until it flew off when we reached an intersection.

After watching those twinkling fireflies, we headed back towards Tom Dick & Harry's at The Scott Garden to join some of our friends for a drink. You can check out my post here for their SNEAK PEAK media launch night that I attended.


Since their booze menu is opened, I made the effort to try their cocktails. I had Long Island Tea the first round. Told Colin, one of the owners, to make it KAO KAO! That's usually how I love my Long Island Tea and I found that they've priced their cocktails very very reasonable as my drink was only at RM22. A figure I found to be lower than most of the places I've been to and TDH makes good cocktails too! Definitely satisfaction guranteed. After finishing my glass I ordered another one of my favourite cocktail, Sex on the beach for RM22 as well! and it tasted good. Still, I've not come across one that beats the Sex on the beach that my friend, Shane made for me when I visited him at Le Meridien.


So we chilled and had fun. I'd say TDH is going to be the one pub & grub me and my friends will be hanging out at pretty often. :)

Firefly Park Resort
Jalan Haji Omar, Kampung Bukit Belimbing,
45000 Kuala Selangor,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Boat Ride Operation Hours
Mon - Sun: 745pm - 1030pm (last call at 930pm)

T: 03-3260 1208
F: 03-3260 1234

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