Thursday, July 28, 2011

People of the Rich & Famous..put yo hands up!

My first time at Sultan Lounge at Mandarin Oriental.

I heard that that place is for the rich & famous and drinks are exceptionally expensive and all that wasn't a myth because I saw the menu myself and the usual Long Island Tea costs about RM38, which is much more expensive than any other clubs I've been to.

The crowd there are different compared to Zouk and other clubs that I've been to. They were mostly adults, okay, not to say Zouk's crowd are kids but these people were mostly foreigners, business owners, politicians...people you don't usually see at your normal clubs.

Baby said, "Zouk is where the rich man sons are and here is where the rich man clubs". Very true indeed!

The entrance to the club is ... very exclusive. Have you ever gone underground to club before?

Walk through the main entrance, towards the top to bottom see through glass elevator, go in and it takes you to the lower ground floor, where the club is.


So we did an impromptu night out and had fun! Had to leave early, around 2.30am because I couldn't take the smoke. That place was very badly ventilated. Instead of vents above the club area, there were drapes. To make the whole place sultan-ish, you know? And the vents were only above the bar, so can you imagine everyone smoking and the smoke only goes out if it travels towards the bar? I felt sick so, called it a night and just when I could breathe properly, stupid blue people decided to have a road block that night and demanded for rasuah. Bloody daylight robbers!

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