Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I adopted something green...

...and his name is Stewie!


Isn't he adorable?

I had a hard time picking him out of the bunch at IKEA last Saturday. But when I saw him, looking all green under the light, I snatched him up and went on looking for a little potty for him to sit in.

I've never really had a plant in my life because they end up dying, I would assume. So, Stewie is my proud little green baby and I would like to help him survive for as long as he can last!

I shower him at least once every 2 to 3 days. He is now sitting quietly on my kitchen counter, looking at me as I am blogging. It's amazing how I feel so much better, knowing that I own something green. Feels, healthier for some reason.

So far he has been good. He never makes noise. He watches me as I cook and clean. Maintenance free unlike some other pets. Okay, he isn't much of a pet lah. He just provides more oxygen.

Did you know that having a plant in your house makes a whole lot of difference? The air is fresher, green is something good for the eyes to look at (scientifically proven) and it definitely looks good as a decorative element to the house.


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