Monday, July 25, 2011

Clothes For Fun | Where it all began


Since I've not blogged about what I do, this is the time to.

Ever since 4 years ago that I've started a new job at Desa Sri Hartamas, I've been exposed to a whole new working environment. New colleagues, new challenges, new assignments. I was practically in a whole new world where creative is the key to being good at my job. It was also working there that I was exposed into the world of online shopping.

During the year of 2007, online blogshops were still a minority compared to now. It was only the beginning of every fashionista's dream. I, for one was (still am) extremely in love with clothes. The one thing I did best was reading fashion magazines. I would trace the outline of the styles I love with my finger, dreaming of owning a piece like that.

As I was browsing through one of the very first online blogshop at that time, gave me an idea to start my own. It wasn't a serious thing back then. I just wanted to do it for fun as I was more passionate about the clothes, than the money.


So came about, Clothes For Fun. It was baby's idea to name my little blogshop Clothes For Fun because it was all about fun. As I recalled, I knew little of designing then. So my blogshop was pretty much the classic blogspot layout as compared to now. However, that did not stop me.

I brought in pieces that I would wear to sell. I didn't believe in bringing in products that are not me, that I don't like wearing. Hence, most of the clothes that I've brought in for the last 4 years are the kind that I love wearing, that is the key where my passion has kept me going for 4 years and counting.


It feels great really, being able to achieve something like that. Not everybody can tell themselves that they've a successful business, eventhough mine is on a smaller scale compared to other businesses on the market. Even when there are times that are hard and demotivating, there are even better times during running Clothes For Fun.


When people asks me, what is it that keeps me going. I would always tell them about the passion I have for fashion. It's all about doing something you love, which literally gives you pleasure and in return not feeling like it is a chore or work at all when running the business. I always believe that that is the key to every business. You have to love what you do. Therefore, 4 years later and I am still doing it.


I recently just left my job to pursue Clothes For Fun full time. Before this, I can only do it part time, after working hours and during whatever free time I have during the weekend. Why did I decide to make it full time? All I can say is it just came to me like it was meant to be.


I have to thank all the girls who have supported me throughout the existence of Clothes For Fun. Without the support and love given, Clothes For Fun wouldn't have lasted 4 years and it always take two to clap in everything that we do. So I would love to thank all of you, friends and family for all the support you've given me for the past 4 years and more.


Many may think that working from home is an easy-peasy job. That I am practically free all the time. Well, let me tell you why you are wrong. Owning a business isn't like working for someone else where you only have specific things to do and be worry-free. Owning a business means the more effort you dedicate towards the business, the better the returns. Hence, the lesser you put your time into it, the lesser the income. Plain simple.


Sitting here right now, in front of my laptop, blogging about this really made me realize how lucky I actually am. To have the love of my life, friends, family and people around me. I've never realized to how much the extend, sometimes people tend to take for granted of what they already have, but I am glad that I decided to blog about this because it reminds me of how much I have, and I should be very thankful for that. :D


Thanks for reading this post :D
It means alot, truly alot on my behalf.

As you can see, there's a Clothes For Fun Like Box which I've just created not long ago due to Facebook taking away our initial Clothes For Fun group page. I would so love you if you can click Like :D muaxxxx (I promise, no spam tagging involved)


  1. Awesome! It's your calling :) I've bought some great clothes which have always arrived promptly. Online shop now, retail mogul later? :)

  2. Pix, thanks for dropping by this post :D
    Glad you had an awesome experience! Thanks for your support babes xoxo

  3. love all ur clothes...n gratz on ur achievement...i had always wanted to start a maybe..jus don't know where tp start...urs is so inspiring...i think i'll work harder on achieving mine too..cheers

  4. hey mei chi,

    thanks for dropping by! hehehe it's always a start somewhere so make sure you follow what you really want to do because we only live life once :D all the best babes!