Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Women : 100th International Women's Day

Yesterday was 100th International Women's Day and I did not know until today when I read it on Nuffnang and that is where I came across something brilliant.

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"In conjunction of 100th International Women's Day, Women: 100 was officially launched yesterday on 8 March, along with, another component of the Women: 100 project. It’s an independently-managed offshoot of the international Post Secret – an ongoing community mail art project where people mail their secrets anonymously on a homemade or digitally made postcard, and selected secrets are regularly posted at The posts provide conversation pieces that enable people to discuss difficult or taboo topics that surround women’s issues.

In addition to this, there is also a social media accompaniment to Women: 100 is, the online platform for the MANifesto – a series of seven commitments for both men and women towards a better Malaysia for women. was launched last week to a whole lot of fanfare, with local celebrity Daphne Iking in attendance, and guests were also treated to a moving performance of Life Sdn. Bhd.: Abuse.

And back to Women: 100, what can you expect from it, really? Well, there will be plays, dances, and workshops that will not only allow the public to understand the pain, joy and power of women, they would also encourage them to commit to building an improved environment for women in Malaysia. Some of the participating performing companies include Akademi Seni Budaya & Warisan Kebangsaan (ASWARA), Fay Theatre and the Five Arts Centre amongst others, so if you’re a theatre buff don’t miss this opportunity :)" - taken from Nuffnang Malaysia

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So I checked out and I was amazed by how simple an idea can make such a huge difference to both female and male. Through my understanding, MANifesto is a set of commitments that men make towards building a better future for women and MAXim is a set of commitments that women themselves make towards achieving their maximum potential. This will not only benefit the women in our lives but men too as they need to know how to handle some situations when there's their loved ones involved and because they do not speak our language, this will actually help them understand better about the women their life.

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Also MANifesto has weekly challenges that translates MANifesto commitments into real-world action and there will be prizes given away each week for the winner of the challenge. To check out this week's challenge, click here.

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Do you have a secret you would love to share with everyone else and to have it done anonymously? Well, here is your miracle. is a platform where all women can share their secrets, spread it to women all over the world and have them not know who posted it. Be it something you do everyday, something bad you want to let off your chest, inspirational messages or just something you think could be useful to someone.

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Check out as they will select some messages submitted each day to be posted up for public viewing and these messages are pretty good because you know you are in on someone else's secret and you feel that only you know. Made me feel special for a minute.

So if you are a woman, spread this. Spread this on Facebook, Twitter, and all those little portals you use to socialize and if you are a man, spread this too if you love the women in your life :D

To all the women in this world, HAPPY 100TH INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY!

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