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Food Review & Blogger's Night Launch at Brotzeit @ Midvalley

A new age in Bavarian dining and drinking in Kuala Lumpur

"Brotzeit" is a typical Bavarian expression – "Brot" being German for bread and "Zeit" for time, referring to a cozy meal complemented by fresh beer.

The well-loved Bavarian dining and drinking hotspot from Singapore has added a novel twist to KL’s effervescent F&B landscape with its contemporary new residence along Mid Valley Megamall’s outdoor boulevard, serving up grassroots cuisine from the beautiful south-eastern state of Germany as well as an assortment of beers from Paulaner.

Relax amidst a fun, and welcoming interior with Brotzeit’s signature mural of Bavarian life offering a touch of nostalgia while wooden benches, and an extensive bar counter cater to private get-togethers or a spot for social networking.

Boasting the widest selection of premium German beers comprising of distinctive drafts and bottled specialties, Brotzeit’s premier outlet in KL will also be serving Paulaner beer exclusively.


As it was my first official food review night with Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers, I was thrilled!

Calling myself a blogger from the day I began blogging, I've not attended any official food review before. Those food reviews that I've done are mainly places I've dined in with friends, family and the fiance which I wanted to share with the rest of the world.

"Brotzeit, oh the German pork place at Midvalley!"
"There's this German bar at Midvalley with awesome pork sausages you've got to try"
"Brotzeit, known for it's pork knuckles and German beers!"

These are just some description of Brotzeit that I've heard and so far this place has a lot of good reviews among bloggers. Some mentioned that the prices are quite high, especially for those who want to include Brotzeit as part of their daily place to dine. However, having tried their dishes last Wednesday, I was actually mesmerized by how great their food tasted and I would actually say that you get what you pay for, unlike some restaurants which claim that they have the finest but they actually don't and judging by the amount of dishes they served us girls and the portions of each dish, you would have thought that we were a group of twenty but merely, there were just six of us!

My first cup of Paulaner beer served by Jason, the organizer of Blogger's Night at Brotzeit. Surpsingly, I actually like it. I am in no way a beer person, because I don't really like the taste of it, but this beer, and not because this is a food review post, but seriously, I actually like it.

Did you know that there's such a thing as Mango Paulaner? Thanks to Grace that night, she recommended it to us, I tried it and loved it! Recommended to those who doesn't like the taste of beer but who wants to drink beer. It tastes a lot like mango mix beer which isn't that bad because mango is sweet and it covers the taste of beer. If you know what I mean.

Brotzeitflade Speck / Bacon Pizza RM30
thin crust fladenbrot with belly bacon, onions, vine ripened cherry tomatoes, chili and mozarella cheese

This was our first dish, and boy, it was the best dish of the night! If you love bacon, love this!

Meeresfrüchtesalat / Seafood Salad RM46
mixed salad with smoked salmon, tuna, prawns, semi-dried tomatoes,
olives, grilled zucchini, oranges and sour cream


Schweinershaxe / Pork Knuckle
Oven roasted crispy pork knuckle served with Sauerkraut and potato salad

Rindergulasch / Beef Goulash RM38
traditional braised beef shank "Goulash" in paprika sauce with buttered egg dough bits

Käsekrainer RM27
mini pork cheese sausages

I love these little pork cheese sausages. Exotic little things that oozes cheese into your mouth when you take the first bite. Oh, yummy!

Knoblauchwurst / Garlic Sausages RM38
smoked pork garlic sausages with roasted potatoes and sauerkraut

My first visit to Brotzeit, I had this dish and it was superb. I am a fan of all sour things so I love the Sauerkraut which came as sides. Roasted potatoes were awesome as well. Lastly, the pork garlic sausages was the main reason why I ordered this dish. I totally love pork, and I absolutely love garlic. So a win win right?!

By the time we hit this dish, we were completely bloated. Really, Brotzeit was so generous with their servings that we couldn't even pick up our forks for this. It was slices of ham top on their home made bread with two bulls-eye, served with fries and salad as sides.

I had a portion of this. Just seeing the melted mozzarella on those tomatoes, no force in this world can stop me! Smoked ham with roasted pork belly topped with tomatoes and melted mozzarella cheese!

Bayrische Crème RM12
bavarian vanilla cream with chocolate sauce and almond

Ah, when it comes to dessert, I am not as good as Sarah who enjoys eating them so much so that she had to steal my fork of dessert!

Apfelstrudel RM22
apple strudel with vanilla ice cream

A sinful dessert made from scratch by Brotzeit's chef, Helmut Murmann. At first I thought it was ice cream but Sarah told me it wasn't because it doesn't melt. I felt like a doink because duh it was right in front of me and it wasn't melting at all! Then I found out that it was made of whipped cream, topped with some sort of cranberry/strawberry sauce which made my entire night there! I absolutely love berries :D

Enjoying my dessert. It was actually a failed attempt of looking sexy (prompted by Andy!) while eating a forkful of sinful dessert.

Kaiserschmarrn RM20
shredded pancake with rum and raisins served with plum sauce on the side


And that was the end of my Brotzeit food review journey. It was also a blogger's night launch where other groups of bloggers were there too. Lots of laughter, flashing of camera flashes (i know it sounds weird), catching ups and tonz of fun that night. The atmosphere was great, I would definitely visit Brotzeit again for the bacon pizza that I am so craving now due to looking at all those food pictures from Andy Kho (the official photograher for MHB).

MHB peeps From left to right : Erica, Sarah, Me, Andy, Nicole and Grace

My wardrobe for the night was from my very own Clothes For Fun. Do check out my site :D

Each of us were given a booklet and an envelope, in the envelope were 3 complimentary food vouchers :D (thanks Brotzeit!)

Pommes means something to do with potatoes so I would assume that it should be either fries or wedges. Coffee or Tea to go with my fries or wedges..hmmm and lastly, Kaiserschmarrn which is one of the desserts that I tried mentioned above!

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German Bier Bar & Restaurant
Mid Valley Megamall
G(E)-018, Ground External Floor
Mid Valley Megamall, Mid Valley City
Lingkaran Syed Putra
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Business Hours
Mon - Thurs: 11:00 am - 12:00 am
Fri - Sat: 11:00 am - 1:00 am
Sun: 11:00 am - 12:00 am

T : +603-2287 5516
E : info@brotzeit1516.com
W : http://www.brotzeit.co/my/

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