Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Project No. 4.03 Reno (Day 32)

The last post on my house renovation was Day 16 and today marks Day 32. It is still not done. Sigh maximus ~

I've literally given up hope for it to be completed by a certain date and just go with the flow. It was "supposed" to be done 2 weeks ago but then the contractor promised another week and another week and so forth. If the house isn't done by end of this month, I am so going to flip. Full stop.

Checked on the house progress yesterday like every other night and the difference between the night before yesterday and yesterday, the lights are installed! Therefore, now you know why I was waiting for the longest time to snap pictures to blog about the progress. So anyway, I was a happy girl yesterday when I switched on all the lights in the house. It was as if they are my children and they made me proud by being able to give light to the house. smiles ~

Light Day 31
This is one corner, the fiance and i are most proud of. Spotlights for the doorway. Gorgeous Maximus!

Dining Day 31
IKEA FOTO Ceiling Lamps for dining area put to great use now that they are not left on the couch but up on the ceiling shining down upon the dining table!! Priced at RM69/pc. Needs to be lower though.

Kitchen Day 31
Left side of the kitchen. That is where the stove will go. Far from done!

Door Day 31
Our kitchen sliding door. Finally arrived after 31 days..sigh! but a beauty nonetheless :)

So that's about it. Loving the whole feel of our house now. Soon, it'll be habitable. LOL!

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