Tuesday, March 22, 2011

StyleKandi | Collective Inspiration

StyleKandi, the next generation of style, inspiration and trend setting.


StyleKandi, a project of Antics Media Sdn Bhd had its sneak preview media launch on 16th March 2011 at Desire, Heritage Row and I was there to witness the all new inspiring and stylish beginning of an upcoming top Malaysian Social Platform where users are to ignite trends or share style and fashion tips with one another.


Upon reaching the venue, I was escorted to the registration table to obtain my media pass. Along with it, I was also given a goodie bag packed with sweets (Kandi!), Roxy discount voucher, a colorful Roxy tag and a press kit.


I brought along my ex colleague, Denka as I was allowed to bring a guest and she was free that night so she decided to attend the event too! Plus I didn't see her for ages, it was a great opportunity to catch up and enjoy ourselves at the event.


Together with a few members of Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers, I made my way into Desire towards a table that was reserved for us. Shortly after, Ariff AB, an upcoming Malaysian singer, took the stage, serenading us with two of his own songs to officially start the night.


StyleKandi was then introduced by Mark Wills, Managing Director of Antics Media. With alot of explanation and slide shows, ..


StyleKandi is a platform that allows users to discover new trends and fashion. Here is a chance to be part of or even start the next big thing.

The site will profoundly promote related blog content from around the region to become almanac for all things stylish and new. The tagline 'Collective Inspiration' serves as an all-encompassing summary of the project, encouraging people to inspire and be inspired alike.

How can one inspire another?
A user can upload their blog posts, share their pictures, post their Flickr photos or even synchronize from their preferred social networking sites to share with the community instantly. Whether designers, bloggers, or just someone proud of their new sneakers, users watch as their style catches fire and inspires the community.

StyleKandi's Official Site!

Sign up as a user like how I did. Instead of registering, you can link it via Facebook and voila! You are part of StyleKandi! :D

Upload a picture of your choice. You can pick albums from other social networks such as Blogger, Facebook, Flickr and post! Easy as popping a peanut!

With StyleKandi, the users are firmly in control. Bloggers can extend their influence and gain greater exposure by linking their blog to StyleKandi, and everyone can share their ideas and inspiration with people from around the world. StyleKandi uses the sophisticated algorithm to determine how 'cool' a post or look is. Users can show their love for a certain style, and the community will eventually determine its popularity.

StyleKandi is due to fully launch early 2nd quater of year 2011 and is expected to reach all of Asia by year end. "This is a very exciting time for Malaysia as this is an opportunity to put the country on the map when it comes to the creation of an innovative Social Networking site," expressed Mark Wills.


Towards the end of the show, a girl waved at me and called out my name. I was at lost for words because I certainly did not recognize her but after a while, it all came back to me! Nicholle (right), one of my ex colleagues was there too as a guest of Jessica (left) , a member of Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers. Talk about what a small world this is! Or rather, small Kuala Lumpur.


And to end the night, models from Amber Chia Academy did a fashion show on the runway to highlight the latest Roxy Summer & Swimwear collection, Quiksilver collection, Roxy and Quiksilver watches.


Throughout the night, we were served with various finger food and our choice of cocktails. I certainly enjoyed my night with the girls :D

MHB peeps from left : Sarah, Chrystal, Mei Sze, Nicole, Erica and me

My dress is from my very own site : Clothes For Fun. Do check it out :D

Hansen Lee (left), the face of StyleKandi

Major Congratulations to StyleKandi for such a successful launch and also thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be part of something so inspiring.

As StyleKandi is now still on Beta Phase (www.stylekandi.com), it is best if you check out their Facebook page (click here) for updates!

Till my next event with the Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers, signing out, your one and only dimplemaggot ;D

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