Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cocoa Cappuccino @ Starbucks

Its raining hard now, just outside my window and I can hear raindrops splattering against my room window. Usually when it rains like this, my room tends to flood. Yeah, I kid you not. I have been living like this for the past..well since I moved here with my mom when I was 13. What I would do at times like this? Well, nothing much but to put a rug under my window so that the water doesn't flow and spread underneath my bed like it used to, or flow towards my railing of clothes which is close by. Or, I simply sit back, don't bother and blog about unrelated stuff like how the new Starbucks Cocoa Cappuccino tastes like.


Recently, I read somewhere in a magazine that there's a new drink at Starbucks while sipping my usual hot cup of cappuccino. The weirdest thing was, I was in Starbucks when I read about it and the new cup of Cocoa Cappuccino was nowhere to be seen. So I guessed it wasn't launched yet. The very next day, I heard it on radio that there's a new drink in town and it was available at all Starbucks. I just have to try it.

Today was the day I made my way to the nearest Starbucks and ordered a cup of Tall Hot Cocoa Cappuccino @ RM11.50. Something about me you should know. I don't really like to drink cocoa or any form of chocolate drink. So for me to try this one, I should have known that it wouldn't top any other pure coffee drinks that I've had.


The presentation was great. It certainly did look exactly like how it was in the poster. With chocolate syrup added on top of your regular cappuccino foam, it was made delicious for me to have a sip of it. First thought that came into my mind when I tried it, not too bad. Definitely would have been better if it was slightly richer and sweeter. For a change from my usual cuppa cappuccino, I thought it was good. However, I still preferred my regular dose of cappuccino or their special Christmas cup of Toffee Nut Latte.

If you are a cocoa and a light coffee lover, this is the right cup of coffee made just for you :D

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