Thursday, March 17, 2011

I would love to wear green today.. but..

I don't have any green pieces in my wardrobe. So instead of looking high and low just to dress up in green, snap a photo of myself for you guys, I would love to have this post in GREEN!

I usually don't have time to blog on Thursdays because what usually happen is that I wake up really early to visit my suppliers, take in some new pieces, replenish some old ones, photo shoot myself for the upcoming collection, chill for a while, start with packing pieces into designated parcels for tomorrow's postage, rest a bit, have dinner, then edit this afternoon's photos, think of names and... most of the time, I'll continue the next day. However, today I stopped at "rest a bit before having dinner", to dedicate this post to Patrick. Simply because it is his day.

I didn't know what was St Patrick's Day all about except that there's something green in it and it's an Irish culture. Well, thanks to Angela, St Patrick's Day came about when once upon a time, "Saint Patrick got rid of all the snakes in definitely a celebration because snakes are horrible! A small little celebration became a huge one because of the Irish Famine where majority of the Irish moved out of Ireland to US, UK and Australia. The biggest St Paddy's Day parade is held in Chicago where they even turn their river green and serve green beer!!!!"

How interesting! Green river and green beer aren't something you see everyday. Before today, I didn't even know there's such a celebration so to those who just read this and learned something new, I would like to applaud myself for passing this knowledge on and enlightening those who did not know what St Patrick's Day is all about but if I was the only one who didn't know the meaning of today, .. well, I guess somewhat it is good that I know lah! At least when people ask me, I can answer! LOL


So HAPPY ST PATRICK'S DAY people! To the people in Chicago, may you have a great green day drinking green beer looking at the green river!

ps : not my fault if you can't read my post in green. blame Patrick!

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