Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Review of Sanctum


"Sanctum is a 2011 3D adventure drama film directed by Alister Grierson and executive produced by James Cameron.

During an underwater cave exploration in Papua New Guinea, five people are trapped when a cyclone starts flooding the cave. With the water going up and the air running out, their only hope of survival is to travel through the unexplored underwater caves following the course of the river that leads into the ocean." - taken from Wikipedia.

My first thought of the movie when it ended was "hmmm that was pretty okay" but after a while, I realized that there wasn't much story to the characters.


The whole movie is about an underwater exploration and that is what the whole movie is all about! I have nothing much to say actually and the down side of experiencing this movie in 2D is that I did not get to experience the movie in 3D when the movie was made for it's 3D effect and apparently it is, "A 3D Experience That Will Take Your Breath Away" in fine print. So 2D definitely did not take my breath away, I guess 3D will.

My advice to those who actually produce movie posters, PLEASE DO NOT PUT IMPORTANT MESSAGES IN FINE PRINT! We totally did not see the fine print stating that this movie has to be watched in 3D or else we would have gotten tickets for 3D. Wasted our money really. It wasn't cheap as well with RM13 each!

There's nothing much that I love or dislike about this movie because I really don't know how to judge. All I can say is that I did not like some of the characters. Acting wasn't that good. The underwater cave blew me away for a bit because of how monstrous it looked but that was it. Nothing to talk about.


What to expect? I wont be able to tell what the 3D version will be like but for the 2D, you can expect something out of a documentary show on Astro. Lot's of water, no fishes, no corals, only caves and whirlpools and caves. That's about it.

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