Friday, March 4, 2011

Project No. 4.03 Reno (Day 16)

Wow, so it has been 16 days since the renovation has begun and I didn't even realize that until I looked up from my keyboard to my calendar. So I figured, I had to do something about it and here I am, blogging!

Aside from my previous post of renovation-gone-wrong trauma, everything is going according to how it should be. A little back dated on this picture of our living room, but to date, all of our brick tiles are up on our walls and they look amazingly gorgeous!


Slightly After
Living Room Day 16

And well, I've not taken any picture of the After because I too was lazy to. Once everything is done, like really done done, I'll take of everything again so that you can OooH and Aaahh. Right now you'll just have to imagine that the walls around the brick tiles are painted white. You wouldn't get it if I said that just by putting these brick tiles, it's like coming back to a non-Malaysian house which feels absolutely fabulous!

Another of my favourite! This wall! Which will be for the kitchen & laundry and both bathrooms.

Kitchen Day 16

Absolutely loving the texture of it and how it creates a modern and simple look for the rooms. It's so easy to match, so easy to look at and I am loving every square foot of it! Please mind the plug points though, they are gonna go soon but this is the wall of our kitchen. The colour is actually lighter, but it was night time when I took the picture.

Right to date, they are doing the bathroom walls and tiling the floor. Counting down everyday till the day they are finally done with everything. That will be the day I can finally say that I have a house to live in, all of me and the person I love.

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