Wednesday, August 22, 2012

RAYA break

Did exactly what a lazy person would have done during the long break. All I did was sleep, eat and shop. Yup, the entire four days I did exactly the same thing each day. Super productive. I realized that the longer a holiday is, the more I spend. Basically I spent my entire one month's worth of expenditure in four days. Probably am exaggerating here.

SATURDAY - spent the day in Midvalley, lunched at TGIF, met a friend for coffee, caught Total Recall. Still can't get over the fact that Kate Beckinsale is crazy hot. The movie was surprisingly good. I had my doubts because I didn't like Colin Farrel after watching Miami Vice but he redeemed himself in Total Recall. How can someone be so hot? Seriously?!


Bought a couple of sandals from Cotton On. Two pairs for RM60. Wanted only one pair but the price did not make sense. One pair at RM59 (??!). Anyways, ... can't remember what else I did after that.


SUNDAY - went over to Departure Lounge at Damansara Uptown for lunch. Wanted to check out the place, I heard they serve breakfast as well. DU looked like a zombiefied town. Absolutely no cars, shops were closed and the place was deserted but Departure Lounge was opened so, whoopdeedoo! The place was crowded, not surprised. People here tend to go crazy over breakfast, no idea why. Me included.


Anyway, concept is quite good. They have travel photos and books as decor. It does feel as if customers are waiting in a departure lounge.


For breakfast, I got to choose what I wanted by ticking this piece of paper. What is good is that customers get to pick what they want instead of having the set fixed. Reasonably priced as compared to other restaurant with breakfast menu.


BUT taste wise was nothing compared to Antipodean Cafe. What you pay at Departure Lounge is exactly what you get. Portion was a little small, quality was not there, it wasn't bad but just not great. With a minimum of RM19 at Antipodean Cafe, you get so much more in portion and everything tasted better as compared to paying RM13 for a plate of OKAY breakfast. Won't be traveling all the way to Damansara Uptown for this anymore.


As for the coffee, the cup of cappuccino that came.. I didn't like it at all. The coffee tasted funny. At RM9, I could have gotten a good cup of cappuccino at Antipodean Cafe. I only took two sips and the hubs had to finish it for me.

We then went over to IKEA to check out their wardrobe prices and fixings. Planning to get my wardrobe room done soon because I have no place to hang my clothes anymore and they are duplicating in number each shopping day, to the point where they are now stacked on top of each other.


Bought two tops from The Curve Flea Market (what did I tell you about having more clothes each shopping day), chilled at DOME for a while and met up with a couple of friends who happened to be watching a movie there.


The hubs was playing with the functions in my camera, and this came out pretty good. Took this shot with defocus. After having this camera for more than a year, only realized I have this function on that day. =_=

Went to Midvalley from The Curve to get dinner and catch The Expendables 2 with Chuck. OMG, there was no room for anything female. It was blasting testosterone explosives all the way. Super can't stand that aunty looking fish lip actress. Stallone, if "you'll be back" for the 3rd installment, please put aside a bigger budget and hire a chick next time, kay?

MONDAY - stayed at home. Watched a couple of dvds. That's about it.


TUESDAY - went to Antipodean Cafe (yes, again) for lunch. Went home. Decided to check out Magic Mall (Paradigm Mall) in the evening. Had Peri Peri Catch at Fish & Co. Not too bad but prices went up by RM6! It used to be RM9.90 for a plate of what I ordered but now it is RM15.95. Damn!


After hearing tons of bad things about Paradigm Mall, my verdict of it : not that bad. In fact, the place is actually better than Tropicana Mall, Empire Shopping Centre and SS2 Mall! There are tons of food outlets, plenty of things to see, the design of the place is much nicer than the other malls I have mentioned, the lift worked well, no air conditioner unit falling from the ceiling, Starbucks looked fine..I guess those are just marketing efforts to get people curious about the place.

Mojo all snugged and comfy on his usual sleeping couch

Four days just passed by like that and we are back to our usual working routine. Ah well, life is life.

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